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  • One of the most revolutionary items to hit the IP surveillance market, this device can serve many purposes as either a PoE-powered unmanaged switch or as a PoE extender
  • PoE Extender: No longer do you have to worry about 100 meter run limitations. This midspan extender will take an incoming POE signal and transfer it to even further distances. 
  • PoE-Powered 2 Port Unmanaged Switch: This device will take an incoming PoE power source to be powered and act as a standard 2 Port PoE switch. Has 1 port in and 2 Ports out. Useful if you want to take an incoming PoE signal sent through one cable and be split out to power 2 cameras at once. Can also be used as a switch for non-PoE devices as well
  • This device requires no local power and does not need a receptable nearby. The only way it is powered is by the incoming PoE power from your PoE switch or injector.
  • PoE injector not included.
  • Wall mountable, low profile design. Only 3.1" x 3" x 1"

PoE-Powered 2-Port PoE Extender Switch

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